About Us

Conflict Resolution Specialists (CRS) offers a full spectrum of services that address every kind and level of dispute. At CRS, we believe that resolving disputes through litigation and lawyers is the most costly and time-consuming option, and the process can be the most personally damaging to one’s quality of life.  We work to find creative resolutions that spare clients the high cost, stress and distress of litigation, help them restore freedom and balance, and promote their growth both personally and professionally. Our goal is to avoid litigation, and provide our clients with better alternatives.

Our Alternative Dispute Resolution practice provides clients with mediation, settlement negotiation, communication ombudsman, and arbitration services. Our team of mediators is comprised of highly trained and experienced specialists in dispute resolution. We are also associated with a variety of specialists who can address issues related to the dispute. For example, our umbrella network of specialists includes, among others, tax specialists, counselors, social workers, lawyers and financial advisors.

 The restoration arm of our practice offers services designed to heal the wounds conflict causes.  We believe resolution is only one of several steps necessary to function successfully and dynamically in the aftermath of a dispute.  Our aim is to help restore individuals and businesses to wellness and productivity.

 CRS offers a variety of training and consultation services that can be tailored to the unique needs of each client. Once the dispute is resolved and the client has been restored to wellness and productivity, a world of new growth opportunities open up. We can help you step into the fullness of a well-lived life.

 We train business professionals and their staff members how to prevent disputes before they arise, how to diffuse them when they do, and how to develop policies for conflict management within their organizations.

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